Dave Mustaine - RockRevoltOn the eve of Megadeth’s opening night of the Dystopia world tour, Dave Mustaine dropped by the Frisco Texas School of Rock.  The event was a private event for the students and families of the areas School of Rock locations.  The night kicked off with a little Q&A with questions being asked to Dave Mustaine by the students of the school.  It was an awesome site as Mr. Mustaine took in every question and took time with all his answers giving a wealth of knowledge for all that was in attendance.   Even before he started the session, while acknowledging the crowd he expressed that while some might think this is a bother to him, he actually was really looking forward to the time he was spending with these kids and it showed.   There were many great questions that ranged from how he takes care of himself and what would he do differently if he was just starting as a musician in today’s society.

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